Some housekeeping… Q4 2015 in review

So we’ve got this new website up and running, but I still have a bit of housekeeping to deal with. My absence while getting this new home sorted left us without a fourth quarter review article. So briefly, I’d like to review the RPG sales of the final months of 2015.

Here’s the Top 10 Roleplaying Games by line from the period of October 1 through December 31. As always, these numbers represent dollar volume sold at Games and Stuff, and do not include accessories of any sort, even branded miniatures.

  1. Dungeons & Dragons (Q3 Rank #1)
  2. Pathfinder (Q3 Rank #2)
  3. Star Wars (Q3 Rank #3)
  4. Shadowrun (Q3 Rank #4)
  5. Mouse Guard 
  6. Warhammer 40,000 (Q3 Rank #8)
  7. Numenera (Q3 Rank #16)
  8. Fantasy Age (Q3 Rank #11)
  9. Legend of the Five Rings (Q3 Rank #14)
  10. Lamentations of the Flame Princess 
  11. Achtung! Cthulhu 
  12. Feng Shui (Q3 Rank #7)
  13. Night’s Black Agents 
  14. Call of Cthulhu 
  15. Dungeon Crawl Classics (Q3 Rank #15)
  16. Hollow Earth Expedition 
  17. Dresden Files (Q3 Rank #10)
  18. End of the World (Q3 Rank #6)
  19. Mutant Year Zero 
  20. Through the Breach 

So what’s interesting and worth talking about?

StarWarsForceDestinyWell, Star Wars. While it’s not obvious here, Star Wars outsold Pathfinder in the month of December. I’m guessing this had a little bit to do with a little thing called “The Force Awakens.” I’m hoping that the seemingly unending slate of Star Wars films that’s lined up for the foreseeable future will only generate more excitement for this game. Frankly, I’d be more than happy to see Star Wars surpass Pathfinder to claim the #2 spot on the regular.

It’s nice to see MOUSE GUARD return to print. That game has a lot of goodwill behind it, plus brand recognition from the excellent graphic novel collections (which we carry) and the new boxed edition is gorgeous. On the complete opposite end of the cute and cuddly spectrum is LAMENTATIONS OF THE FLAME PRINCESS which, bolstered by the reprint of Vornheim The Complete City, and the accolades awarded to A Red & Pleasant Land, continues to quietly sell unit after unit.

NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS got a nice bump from the release of The Dracula Dossier and Dracula Unredacted. Dracula Unredacted by the way, might be the single coolest RPG prop/handout in the history of gaming.

HEXRevelationsOfMarsFinally, I just want to point out the appearance of HOLLOW EARTH EXPEDITION at the #16 spot. While yes, the long delayed Revelations of Mars book was finally released in this time period, the game’s appearance on this list is largely due to it being run as part of our RPG Lab program in Q4. Look for an article detailing that program in the near future.

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