Now Reading: 13th Age High Magic & Low Cunning

13thAHighMagicThe releases are coming fast and furious for 13th Age right now.
High Magic & Low Cunning is a brilliant set of fifteen battle scenes (each containing 2-4 fights) themed around five of the Icons of 13th Age. But with most things in the line, it’s really a construction kit. An almost 200 page volume filled with stuff that can be lifted intact, or ripped to pieces to populate your campaign of just about any fantasy RPG.

Also of interest, I’ve recently begun writing a few articles for Pelgrane Press’s retailer newsletter, which you can sign up for by following this link: Pelgrane Press Retailer Newsletter

The first of my articles went out a few weeks ago: Five Reasons You Should Be Carrying 13th Age. That newsletter also included a great article by Brian Dalrymple called RPGs Decoded: Getting Into RPG Sales.

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