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Now Reading: Adventures in Middle-Earth (5E)

AMECoverA couple weeks ago, I was asked to help with some proof-reading on Adventures in Middle-Earth for the fifth edition of everybody’s favorite RPG. So I’ve been lucky enough to read the whole thing at this point, despite the thing not coming out for another couple of months or so.
I’m happy to report that they nailed it. It still feels like D&D, but with a decidedly Middle-Earthy tone, yet not so steeped in Tolkien lore that casual fans will be turned off. And the armchair Tolkien scholars and fans of less familiar rules will still prefer The One Ring.
This is exactly what it needs to be. Chocolate and Peanut Butter together at last.

Now Playing: Shadowrun Anarchy


So tonight I got to participate in a playtest of Shadowrun Anarchy, a narrative, rules-light version of Shadowrun releasing sometime in the coming months. None other than Shadowrun line developer Jason Hardy was the GM.

I probably shouldn’t say too much, but I am enthusiastically awaiting further development on this. Might get this old man playing Shadowrun again.

Now Reading: Bloodstone Pass (AD&D)

BloodstonePassHaving finally rebuilt my collection of the H Series of modules for AD&D, I’m seriously considering rewriting the thing and converting it to 13th Age. Although I’m not entirely sure how I’ll handle the mass combat/ Battlesystem stuff.
I’ll remove all references to Oerth or the Realms (it’s occupied both at different times) and kind of create my own Bloodstone Lands campaign setting. First up, creating the Icons.

Now Reading: 13th Age High Magic & Low Cunning

13thAHighMagicThe releases are coming fast and furious for 13th Age right now.
High Magic & Low Cunning is a brilliant set of fifteen battle scenes (each containing 2-4 fights) themed around five of the Icons of 13th Age. But with most things in the line, it’s really a construction kit. An almost 200 page volume filled with stuff that can be lifted intact, or ripped to pieces to populate your campaign of just about any fantasy RPG.

Also of interest, I’ve recently begun writing a few articles for Pelgrane Press’s retailer newsletter, which you can sign up for by following this link: Pelgrane Press Retailer Newsletter

The first of my articles went out a few weeks ago: Five Reasons You Should Be Carrying 13th Age. That newsletter also included a great article by Brian Dalrymple called RPGs Decoded: Getting Into RPG Sales.