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Now Reading: Dracula Dossier Director’s Handbook

DraculaDossierThese are my favorite kind of RPG campaign books. Less linear narratives, and more like a giant Lego set from which to build your own version of events, with your own key personalities and plot threads.

The Dracula Dossier deals with no less a question that “What if the novel Dracula was actually an after-action report by an attempt by British Intelligence to recruit Dracula as a spy?” and the answer (and potential answers) is brilliant. I should have expected nothing less from a team up of Ken Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan.

Now Playing: YGGDRASIL

YggdrasillThe final installment of our in-store Yggdrasil game, part of a super-sized RPG Lab. Four players participated over eight weeks to create characters and run a mini campaign every Tuesday night at the store. The very next article you’ll see here on RPG Evolution will be about our RPG Lab program.
The village of Ravenstead was in fact liberated, if anyone was keeping score at home.

Now Unboxing: CUSTOM DICE CHEST from Dog Might Games

IMG_1249My wife can’t seem to keep her dice on the table while playing One Ring. They hit the floor, they hit other players. So I wanted to get her one of these things to try to contain the insanity. For about three years she’s played a Beorning character and has a thing for bears besides, so I got a custom brass symbol added to the lid. I’m very happy with it. I hope to bring some Dog Might products into the store fairly soon.


HorselordsofRohanCoverMockup-793x1024YES! How do you make the Rohan book for The One Ring even more interesting? Include full treatments of Fangorn and Isengard, including details on the fall of Saruman and how to incorporate that into your campaign. Also, who’s the crazy person who thought to include the Dunlendings as a playable culture? These guys open up player possibilities in some very interesting new ways.

How am I reading this when it’s not out yet? Through the Bits & Mortar program. Cubicle 7 is kind enough to put PDFs up on the Bits & Mortar site as soon as they open pre-orders on their own site. So I can pre-sell new releases at the shop and give customers the full PDF immediately.