What is RPG Evolution?

It started with an idea. It was simple enough, I wanted to expand the roleplaying game selection at the store that I manage, Games and Stuff. I thought that the oft-cited theory that pencil and paper RPGs were “dying” was hogwash. Sure, their sales success in hobby retail stores was not what it was, but it can still be so much more than many stores allow it to be.
So I made a big deal out of expanding our selection. It wasn’t long after that I found myself frustrated with the “RPG Top Sellers” lists provided by various outlets in our industry. The titles I saw there indicated to me that most retailers weren’t really trying. So I set out to fix that. I started teaching an RPG Evolution seminar at a number of trade shows throughout the country, and they were very well received. From there, a lot of people started asking me to write a blog, to provide an alternative to the Top Sellers lists and maybe provide some additional insight into the retail end of the roleplaying game business while I was at it. After a number of other iterations, I’ve ended up here. I hope you enjoy your visit. Any questions, thoughts, or death threats can be sent to me at Paul@gamesandstuffonline.com
If you’re curious, you can check out the original RPG Evolution article, about expanding our selection back in August of 2012 here.
You can also read the introduction to this new RPG Evolution website by clicking here.